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Grey Lady Ale by Cisco Brewers in Nantucket MA pours a pale cloudy, yellow/grey and finishes in the glass with a thin head.  The aroma is thickGreyLady and yeasty, almost like sniffing a waterlogged loaf of Wonder Bread, with the distinct smell of banana.

The first sip starts smooth but has minimal effervescence and is quickly bogged down in the middle of your mouth feeling more like a thin fruit smoothie than a beer.  From that point forward I struggled to choke the beer down.  Grey Lady Ale is thick and creamy.  In my opinion even an American version of a Belgian Wit Ale should be relatively light and refreshing, only slightly creamy, with a crisp finish.

In full disclosure I must admit that I don’t like bananas.  In fact if they became extinct tomorrow I would not mourn the loss of diversity in the fruit world.  Likewise I would not be sad if Grey Lady Ale suffered the same apocalyptic demise.  Others may feel differently, but please keep your bananas away from my beer!


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