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After working my way through the Lion Stout described in my May 28th post, I kept bypassing its step sister the Lion Imperial: Premium Malt Pilsner. All these terms seemed oxymoronic, like a mixed up scrabble game. Eventually though as I arrived home late one evening after an event at my daughter’s high school, with a mounting thirst, I reached into the fridge and dragged out the Imperial Lion. After a quick pour and a large gulp I thought that this feline missed the boat that Lion Stout sailed on. “Nuff said,” I went to bed.

The story continues the next evening when I set my mind on plumbing the depth of this 8.8%ABV. I knew there must be a tail… or tale actually, on this Lion. This time I poured down the center of the glass. The head rose thick and full, crowning the amber brew. With expectations ready for a complex brew I tipped the fluid into my mouth and followed it in my mind down into the depths. The distinct lager taste, like a Budweiser in its finest condition out of a fresh tapped keg, coming through clean-as-a-whistle piping, into a sparkling clean mug, arose and then multiplied in dimension. The alcohol rode up to the surface and put in the kick at the end. This was a complex yet relatively light lager.

As a second round followed I appreciated the character of this beer even more. Certainly a lesson learned once again. One must come to a brew with expectations to appreciate what it can offer. This is a quality brew. Would I drink it regularly? No, probably not, but the Imperial Lion turned into a nice refreshing surprise. Glad I had the chance to try a few.

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