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Summer has arrived finally. The warm, somewhat humid, sunny day brought me to the beer store or, more correctly for the Live Free or Die state, the regular old grocery store, Hannaford. I rolled past the cooler windows looking for the just right brew for this bright summer day. I slid past all the IPA’s: Harpoon, Smuttynose, Red Hook, etc. I even passed up the thin little slot where the Harpoon Leviathan brew Imperial IPA sat. I went past the Guinness Extra Stout and even past the Sam Adams summer ales – summer this, summer that – wimp beer I say.

Pabst-1I know what was really on my mind – summer quantity – the volume pack – in cans – cold – budget priced, but… had to have the taste that came through in an ice cold can. Well it could have been Bud, which certainly fits that bill pretty much, except my summer brew secret is Pabst Blue Ribbon!

I’m not going to tell you that I would pour it into a pint glass and watch the head form, or remark on the grand color, or describe the array of tastes it releases. No, it is a thirst quencher first and foremost. It is crisp and clean, a touch of hops, a dry after taste but nothing to write home about. Pabst is durable and, unlike Bud, the last ounce in a slightly warmed up can doesn’t get skunked. None of that bad Bud aftertaste from the dregs.

One might wonder where Pabst has been over the years. They proudly write of the America’s Best award from 1893 on the cans. However as the Best Big Brewery they garnered awards in 2006 and 2007. Pabst serves as the brewery behind many old brands including Ballantine, Schlitz, Shaeffer, Olympia, Blatz and on and on.ourPortfolio-1

Pabst six

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So the other night Reb and I took the farm truck over to Windham, Maine to pick up a couple of young pigs (porcine critters – that is). That lumbering beast of a dump truck is hard as a cob on craggy roads, but we made it over and loaded her up for the trip home. Well, we just got underway when I had the need for a beer or two for the ride home. I might add as background, we make the trip generally with a full load of market hogs and drop them at the slaughter house, then I always stop, with relief, at the convenience store in North Windham to pick up a couple of brews and a bag of Doritos for the ride home. So, the old habit kicked in and I pulled almost automatically into the store lot. With the warm spring air, the sun still in the sky and a couple of little critters stretched out in the back I decided to snare a couple of Bud cans for the road. (I decided to forego the chips)bud5

I haven’t had a regular old Budweiser 12 oz can for years but it brought some memories of the old days (see previous post). I cracked the top and took a long pull on the ice cold drink. Ah! You know, that Bud has a real smooth quality when put down cold that way. One sip begs for another to follow. Before long that first can was history.

(vintage late 60’s can – note the bottom blurb “Tab Top”)

bud2I reached for the second and took my time. As I drank along, the beer began to warm and the quality dropped precipitously. Finally the last couple of ounces had a slightly skunked taste with a fuzzy after taste. Now I remember! that is the difference between the really good brews – they are good after sitting in the glass. In fact, like good quality cheese, the flavor comes through better after the first chill is gone. With Bud the opposite works. It has very good quality at cold temperatures but loses that strength as it warms. I admit, there are variables, and some very good beers are not that great, straight out of the can or bottle. But I argue, Bud is very good out of the can – if it is cold. Bud gains nothing in the glass, unless it’s on tap, but that is a story for another day.

(This old steel can needed a church key. Pre Tab Top.)

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