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MooButternuts Beer and Ale Brewery in Garrattsville, New York packages their products in cans. After a sit down with Dales Ale with Nate (see the previous posts), he gathered up a few cans from Butternuts to sample. The brewery website is underwhelming but promising. I don’t have patience for some things. Oh well. 

Well, this evening as the sun slid down the west side of the Sandwich Range and the sky turned that dark blue of sunset, I grabbed for a black can from Butternut.  “Stout” said the label under a cartoon cow. “Moo Thunder” stretched over the top. I must say the label is a complete turn off but I didn’t waver and cracked the top and tipped into the glass.

The “stout” expectation was in the forefront of my tasting sense. The first long pull of the Moo Thunder was, well… not at all like thunder. Watery maybe, dry for sure, placid yes, respectable drink, well, yeah. I could call it a cream stout, a light duty stout, but not a bad stout. This is not a “knock your socks off” stout. Would I have another? … rather than nothing, yes of course! Rather than Guinness? Never!


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Although we would like to think that our preferences in cars, books, music, beer, etc… etc…  are the result of our own deep seeded tastes, beliefs, and values the reality is nearly all of those preferences are the results of Marketing!  I for one am thankful for the contributions Marketing has made to my life.  Because of Marketing I enjoyed the pleasures of my first beer that was not brewed by the Anhueser Busch Company.  Thank you Marketing for opening my eyes to the incredibly diverse world of beer.  Below is the commercial that change my life!

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A marketer by trade, I like the novelty of having a truly GREAT tasting brew being packaged in a can!  Here is a short video about the Oskar Blues Brewery and their decision to go with cans.  Enjoy!

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I have had a lot of crazy ideas when drinking (usually in excess and  when I was much much younger) and I will admit to acting on a few of those ideas, the result of which was always 1. A bad hangover 2.  someone usually saying to me “You did <insert highly stupid act here> last night” 3.  Some part of my body requiring medical attention. 

I have no doubt that the creators of this Lego video love beer, and dare I say they were probably 2 or 3 bottles into a 12 pack when the idea struck them!  Why didn’t I ever think of anything like this?!


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