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If you want to be WOW’d by an exceptionally smooth but surprisingly bitter pale ale I highly recommend Dale’s Pale Ale brewed by Oskar BluesBrewing LLC.  Pull the tab and forget the glass (pouring will simply waste time) and take a good long slug!  This ain’t like your daddy’s old can of beer (my dad’s favorite being Schlitz ).

The first thing I noticed aside from the phrases “Voluminously Hopped Mutha of a Pale Ale” and “Pack it in, pack it out”, an obvious hint to this brew’s Colorado roots (this beer is a hit with mountain bikers, hikers, and kayaks) was the incredible aroma.  This brew has a sweet slightly woody smell that is subtle enough to make even the most dyed-in-the-wool Schlitz drinker think “Mmmmmmm, beeeeeeeer…. Aghh-ghh-ghh”.  The hoppy bitterness is not over-powering and should be acceptable to even the most sensitive of pallets.  The after-taste can be a little harsh if you are not use to drinking truly hoppy pale ales.  But don’t let that scare you away.  The lingering hoppy after-taste can be complimented and reduced when paired with triscuits and a subtle soft French cheese or if you are like my dad, a handful of Smart Food popcorn.

Despite my comments above, I did in-fact pour this beer into a glass (I had some to spare since I bought 2 six-packs).  The color is a crisp auburn, just as a pale ale should be, and it maintains a substantially good head which is another good feature since you want the gases to escape through the head and not in the form of a belch from your gut!  All around this beer is a diamond in the rou…. er… eh… a diamond in a CAN and deserves our ‘Editor’s Choice’ designation!  Bravo Dale!!!


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