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haveraleA really good ale came my way this week, HaverAle. This Cream Ale has the strength of character of the older beers I have mentioned. The hops are very present, the finish smooth, the after taste lingers and a long pull at the glass begs for a second. Well done, Haverhill Brewery.

Actually, I would have called it an IPA – it has the zing, but the brewery makes an IPA, which I can’t wait to try. The Haverhill, Massachusetts brewery is housed in their own tavern, I learned, in one of the old industrial areas of the “Queen Slipper City” one of the great New England shoe manufacturing cities of the last two centuries. Where have I been that these brewers have not come to my attention? This is a fine quality, top notch ale. Very drinkable. Time to put this brewery on the short list for a visit. I peeked at the menu on their web site, yum.

Well, got to go, I need to pour another one.




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