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Luckily, as the cold rain set in yesterday, I had just restocked the fridge with  my  Beer of the Month Club   allotment. This is a grand club, beats Book of The Month all hollow, no long term storage problem and renewable adventures to boot. I had puttered inside the house all day, slipping out into the driveway every so often scoping out whether the weather would break enough to get some outside work done. To no avail, alas, so as evening settled I reached for an adventure in a bottle. There was  Lion Stout cooling its heels alongside three other offerings. 

IMG_3241As soon as the cap came off, an intense dark chocolate, fudge, mocoa aroma spilled into the room. I do not usually lead with my nose on such things but this filled the air. Then the pivotal sip and multiple tastes of darkness and stoutness swam in my mouth. The 8%ABV tingled around the edges just enough to give fair warning. This stout reminds me of a slightly weaker cousin of Southern Tier Chocolate Sout. Definitely a tasty brew that brings more flavor out as it warms in the glass.

This noble brew came from Sri Lanka no less, a product of the colonial days and concocted by a Britisher to satisfy the home boys who were managing the Empire. Their web site is under construction so it is unclear if this brew is available in the US. Regardless, it is a quality chocolate-like stout, on the sweet side, smooth,with undertones of the alcohol just enough to enhance the taste. Not bad at all but if I had a choice I’d take the Southern Tier relative, Imperial Chocolate Stout, to satisfy that type of chocolate and stout craving.

Oh, by the way, I caught, on what remains of Lion Beer website, that they manage Carlsberg! On of my earlier beer experiences as noted in another post.

Post Script: Lion Brewery Beers are carried by Elite Brands in Michigan, a distributor of tons of beer and wine from all over. Check it out.


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